How can you optimally increase your strength and performance through electrical muscle stimulation?

How can athletes improve their performance with EMS training?

Electric muscle stimulation can be a useful addition to the training of all professional and recreational athletes for building muscles.

A muscle is composed, among other things, of numerous muscle fibers. To develop our muscles, these fibers must work. During normal training, a variety of muscle fibers of a muscle contract, but not all of them. With the help of electrostimulation, muscle fibers of the muscle can be mobilized and a larger number of muscle fibers can be contracted. The following are training goals with electrical muscle stimulation:

  • Strength training: the ability of a muscle to exert a force against resistance
  • Building muscle mass: increasing the volume of the muscles
  • Perpetual training: the ability to cope with long-term efforts
  • Reduce the stress on the joints to a minimum

How should the muscles be stimulated?

Within the framework of an EMS training with regard to strength training, various parameters determine the extent of the muscle fibers addressed.

The strength training begins with warming up the muscles. During the exercise, the intensity is increased step by step until the maximum muscle contraction is reached.

STIM-PRO x9+ TENS EMS Combo device

The STIM PRO X9+ electrostimulator from Axion offers you various EMS programs specially designed to meet your training goal. Some preset programs consist of several phases, such as a warm-up phase of about a minute before the stimulation phase begins, which stimulates your muscles with different frequencies and pulse widths. Contractions and resting phases alternate. You can develop your strength, muscle mass and endurance, enjoy massage or relaxation programs for muscle recovery, and also have the option of using TENS pain therapy if necessary.

What intensity do you need?

The results of the training improve with increasing intensity. It is important especially for beginners not to train too much with too high intensity at the beginning. The goal is not to get the muscles tired quickly and provoke painful muscle soreness. Instead, increase the intensity step by step and slowly reach a higher level. The contraction, which initially appears to you as the most tolerable, will feel more endurable after a few training sessions.

In order to achieve an optimum, EMS training should be used in addition to regular training. It allows you to increase the endurance, strength and volume of your muscles and reduces the risk of injury by developing more strength with less stress.

How to place the electrodes? 

How fast can you get results?

A study by the Faculty of Sports Sciences in Dijon (France) showed that there is significant and visible muscle growth of the knee muscles after eight weeks of electrostimulation training: 26% increase with 4 EMS training units per week. Without electrical stimulation training, the rate decreases rapidly.¹

Another important advantage of electrostimulation for athletes - faster recovery of the muscles.

Electrostimulation allows you to recover your muscles after training sessions of a training program, to relax and regenerate your muscles after stress (e.g. by a competition) and to relieve pain with the help of the regeneration or massage programs.


In summary, the electrical muscle stimulation offers many possibilities to support the development of the muscles. No matter at what level of performance you start - electrostimulation can be adjusted to your individual needs to improve your performance in addition to regular training.

- 1: Gondin, J., Guette, M., Ballay, Y. et al.: “Neural and muscular changes to detraining after electrostimulation training” (englisch)